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Welcome to Boonta Vista. It’s a comedy podcast! About Australian and US news mostly! And at the end of most episodes, we take audience questions from our world-famous Mailbag™ about Extremely Important Topics.

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Your hosts

Andrew Law

Andrew Law


Andrew is a graphic designer known for photoshopping terrible comedy images from his fevered brain and translating well-known movies into a dialect known as ‘Australian’.

Lucy Valentine

Lucy Valentine


Lucy Valentine suffers from IBS and a massively oversized brain causing her to be a genious. She also writes comedy that is always high brow and intellectually reflects an understanding of politic’s.

Ben McLeay

Ben McLeay


Ben McLeay writes for Pedestrian.tv, occasionally writes elsewhere, has a brain worm the size of a tennis ball, and has a perfect body riddled with powerful muscles.

Theo Pengelly

Theo Pengelly


Theo Pengelly once scored 105 on a Facebook IQ test. He does not know or do anything of use or note. He is the 2nd most married member of the podcast, and is such a Charlotte. INTJ.