TEASER: White Chicks: A Boonta Vista Commentary Track

Lucy’s back from the small island community of “Europe” which means it’s time to watch her favourite movie: 2004’s White Chicks. This here’s a taste of what you can expect.

It’s available on Netflix and all you gotta do is queue up the movie, wait til we say 3 2 1 GO NOW and hit play. We’ll take care of the rest (“the rest” is offering commentary on how many times Marlon Wayans’ lactose intolerance will serve as a major plot point in the movie).

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EPISODE 18: Highway To The Stranger Danger Zone

This week Theo and Andrew are giving you an update on the week’s happenings in Australia including all the latest sex criminal news, our new semi-regular segment Where’s Warnie? and all the latest news in bullshit artist holistic fraud merchant crime & punishment.

In other news Lucy returns to us this weekend, and we got new mics so hopefully the sound is better!